yvette (vampkitty) wrote,

Downed Cows - Please sign by September 26th

As a result of HSUS's investigation at the Hallmark/Westland slaughter plant, followed by the largest ever meat recall in U.S. history, the USDA is finally considering closing a loophole in federal slaughter regulations that hurts downed cattle. If USDA's proposal moves forward, cattle who are too sick or injured even to stand or walk will no longer be slaughtered for human food, so there will be no incentive to drag them with chains, shove them by forklift, shock them, blast them with high-pressure water hoses to simulate drowning, or otherwise torment downed cattle to try to get them on their feet.

Please speak up for these crippled animals, now! Submit your comments to the USDA by September 26, 2008, to let the agency know that the public will not tolerate the cruel treatment of animals who cannot even stand or walk.

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